February 21, 2022

Talia’s Miracle: Daniel Wasn’t Supposed to Be

“I owe IMA my life. Because of you, Daniel calls me ‘Ima.’ My son is alive today only because of Hidabroot’s I aM Alive Department, and today, we celebrated his fourth birthday.”

Talia had just started her second year of law school when she discovered, to her shock and consternation, that she was expecting. Determined that it would be best to abort the pregnancy, she met with the pregnancy termination committee which approved her request.

But then, IMA entered the picture.

At 26, Talia, an ambitious, motivated law student, had a bright future ahead, but an unplanned pregnancy threw life off-kilter. She had no misgivings about her planned abortion, and no doubt that it was the right decision. As far as she was concerned, the pregnancy had been a terrible mistake, and she was best off correcting it and carrying on.

Three days later, she’d scheduled an appointment in an abortion clinic in Israel, and she was relieved knowing that within a week, it would all be behind her.

One week later, it was time.

A nurse escorted Talia into the room for the planned procedure, and a doctor entered and began outlining the process to her. As he spoke, Talia was struck with a horrifying thought. “I’m an accomplice to murder. I’m about to put an end to those tiny heartbeats inside me.”

Spontaneously, she asked the doctor to stop, and before she could change her mind, fled the clinic.

Embroiled in emotion and confusion, Talia wandered the streets blindly, blinking back tears and searching for a ray of hope on what appeared to be a very bleak horizon. Where do I go now? Who’ll help me through it all? Her family would shun her, and her friends were all busy with school and tests.

Yet she was fiercely committed to save the precious being inside of her, and Talia began searching for a place where she would feel welcome and someone to help her through what she knew would be her hardest hours. Rabbanit Calina Schwartz referred Talia to Hidabroot’s IMA department which supports expectant women physically, emotionally and financially through pregnancy, childbirth and the ensuing months and years.

“Throughout the entire pregnancy, I felt embraced in love and warmth. There was always someone to talk to, someone to listen and lean on,” relates Talia. “The IMA team was there for me every step of the way.

“I owe them everything. And above all, I owe them little Daniel’s life. It’s only because of you, IMA, that Daniel calls me ‘Imma.’ That word is priceless, the greatest imaginable gift. My son is alive today only because of Hidabroot’s I aM Alive Department, and today, we celebrated his fourth birthday!”

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